A personal view of lifes meaning as an ecological being on the planet earth

Additionally, using stored rainwater reduces the amount of runoff pollutionpicked up from roofs and pavements that would normally enter streams through storm drains.

Gaia as seen through the atmosphere. The Fabric of Geology. Instead of examining phenomena by attempting to break things down into components, a general living systems theory explores phenomena in terms of dynamic patterns of the relationships of organisms with their environment.

In America alone, over the course of a decade, trillion pounds of American resources will have been transformed into nonproductive wastes and gases. According to the EPA, "A small drip from a worn faucet washer can waste 20 gallons of water per day, while larger leaks can waste hundreds of gallons".

Traditionally, toilets use three to five gallons per flush. Scientific theories are judged not so much by whether they are right or wrong as by the value of their predictions. Through their capacity to evapotranspire vast volumes of water vapor, they serve to keep the planet cool by wearing a sunshade of white reflecting clouds.

Drip-irrigation systems employ small gaps at standard distances in a hose, leading to the slow trickle of water droplets which percolate the soil over a protracted period. Recyclinga process that breaks down used items into raw materials to make new materials, is a particularly useful means of contributing to the renewal of goods.

Unsustainable water use has far reaching implications for humankind. Thus, it is necessary to use available water more efficiently. The primary goal of organic agriculture is to optimize the health and productivity of interdependent communities of soil life, plants, animals and people.

In addition, organic farming prohibits or strictly limits the use of manufactured fertilizers and pesticides, plant growth regulators such as hormoneslivestock antibioticsfood additives and genetically modified organisms.

Thus, seasonal food farming does not require energy intensive greenhouse production, extensive irrigation, plastic packaging and long-distance transport from importing non-regional foods, and other environmental stressors.

In comparison to automobiles, bicycles are a paragon of energy efficient personal transportation with the bicycle roughly 50 times more energy efficient than driving. This insulation decreases hot water generation time. Substantial climate-disrupting carbon emissionsboosted by the transport of food over long distances, are of growing concern as the world faces such global crisis as natural resource depletion, peak oil and climate change.

Some have a "low flow" setting to use less water per wash cycle. This prevents water runoff. Biophysicists have commented that living things function on negative entropy. To be selfish is human and natural. Greywater can be reused in irrigation and toilet flushing.

Would we mine our livers for nutrients for some short-term benefit? It is unlikely that its presence would have been sought but for the stimulus of Gaia theory. Life is considered a characteristic of something that preserves, furthers or reinforces its existence in the given environment.

Additionally, one can reduce toilet water sustainability by limiting total toilet flushing.

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These machines are more efficient in terms of soap use and clothing stability. Gaia theory sees the biota and the rocks, the air, and the oceans as existing as a tightly coupled entity.

For more information on the environmental impact of meat production and consumption, see the ethics of eating meat. Such introspection was inescapable.

James Hutton and the philosophy of geology. It showed us just how far from reality we had strayed. Gaia hypothesis The idea that the Earth is alive is found in philosophy and religion, but the first scientific discussion of it was by the Scottish scientist James Hutton.

Sustainable living

When we saw a few years ago those first pictures of the Earth from space, we had a glimpse of what it was that we were trying to model. Most scientists either ignored it or criticized it on the grounds that it was not needed to explain the facts of the Earth.

Preventing food waste can limit the amount of organic waste sent to landfills producing the powerful greenhouse gas methane. Sustainable transport A carsharing plug-in hybrid vehicle being used to drop off compost at an urban facility in Chicago.

The advantage in burning methane gas is that is prevents the methane from being released into the atmosphere, exacerbating the greenhouse effect. A slow toilet leak is undetectable to the eye, but can waste hundreds of gallons each month.Apr 16,  · What is the purpose of humans on planet earth?

There are so many humans (may be 16 billion) on the earth. People are born, do studies, jobs, earn mony, fame and die one mi-centre.com: Resolved. Sustainable living describes a lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual's or society's use of the Earth's natural resources, and one's personal resources.

Its practitioners often attempt to reduce their carbon footprint by altering their methods of transportation, energy consumption, and/or diet. [3]. Learn earth as a living planet environmental science with free interactive flashcards. Choose from different sets of earth as a living planet environmental science flashcards on Quizlet.

Ecological justification. AP Environmental Science (Environmental Science: Earth as a Living Planet 6th Edition) Chapters 1 and 2 Key Terms.

The Ecological Footprint: consumption and global effects socially and environmentally friendly planet earth. means of the planet while securing human well-being and the ecosystems on which this depends. While technolo-gical developments will continue to play an important.

Sep 04,  · To invent your own life's meaning is not easy, but it's still allowed, and I think you'll be happier for the trouble." Invent your own life's meaning.

- Bill Waterson. When to use “lives” as a plural of life? By contrast, you completely change the meaning by using the plural in: How long will it take to discover they live on a moon and not on a planet? What does や after someone's name mean exactly?.

A personal view of lifes meaning as an ecological being on the planet earth
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