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The mausoleum represents a beautiful complex, as it is decorated with unique carved terracotta tiles that, unlike other ancient buildings, were not glued to the bricks. Our Key Medical Personnel Dr. Located approximately kilometres from Almaty and kilometres from Shymkent, Turkestan is a great destination to immerse in the authentic and vibrant culture of medieval Central Asia with beautiful architectural complexes, noisy bazaars and vast steppes.

The Turkestan railway station is also part of Kazakh history. Turkestan — ancient city traversing rich history By Assel Satubaldina in Tourism on 16 August ASTANA — Turkestan, an ancient city in southern Kazakhstan near the Syr Darya River, boasts more than 1, years of rich history and numerous cultural and sacred sites preserved to this day.

Turkestan – ancient city traversing rich history

The train is a cheaper option, but the ride is longer. Abulkhair khan, busses and trains depart hourly to Turkestan. He has over 33 years experience as a Consultant working for one of the leading teaching hospitals in the UK, Queens Medical Centre, where he served five years as the Clinical Director of an 18 bed Intensive Care Unit.

Her name means Mother Gaukhar. Claire Gurney General Director Claire is a professional and highly experienced medical manager with expertise in medical assistance programmes based in remote locations as well as hospital and international medical practice.

She was the daughter of Muslim saint Zengi Baba and Anvar Begim and as many as 28 Abulkhair khan circulate of the legend surrounding her life. Mourning his beloved one, Muhammad buried her on the hill and gathered masters to build a mausoleum on her grave.

Claire has previously worked for large corporate medical assistance, pharmaceutical and telemedicine companies where she was involved in logistics and international service provision to the NHS, government and private medical organisations. An ancient mosque, library and canteen are situated close to the complex.

Visits are recommended in spring or fall. It was built in during construction of the southern branch of a famous Orenburg-Tashkent Railroad. Dr Ken Alagesan is a highly qualified anesthetist and intensitivist. He is also an expert in Aviation Medicine so we are extremely pleased to have him on our team.

Getting there Travelling by air will be the fastest and probably most comfortable option. For many tourists, their trip to Turkestan starts at the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yassawi dating to the 15th and 16th centuries. Legends say she was a healer and as she was unable to have children, became mother to all she treated.

The most popular one tells a tragic love story of young Karakhan Muhammad, ruler of the ancient city of Taraz, who fell in love with her.Detailed information about the coin Tenge (Abulhair Khan), Kazakhstan, with pictures and collection and swap management: mintage, descriptions, metal, weight, size, value and other numismatic data.

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Facebook gives people the power. Prominent Kazakh leaders such as Abulkhair Khan, Abylai Khan and Yessim Khan, as well as Kazakh judge Kazbek-bi, one the three key judges of the Kazakh Khanate, are buried inside the mausoleum.

Khoja Ahmed Yassawi. Abu'l-Khayr Khan (–) was the leader who united the nomadic Central Asian tribes from which the Kazakh Khanate later separated in rebellion under Janybek Khan and Kerei Khan beginning in Abu'l-Khayr was born in Abul Khair Khan (Q) From Wikidata.

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Kazakh Khan. edit. Language Label Description Also known as; English: Abul Khair Khan. Kazakh Khan. Abulkhair Khan. 0 references. Identifiers.

Atyrau, Kazakhstan

Freebase ID /m/0h7n5y. 1 reference. stated in. Freebase Data Dumps. publication date. 28 October Great Russian.

Political history. 26 July While Abulkhair Khan was busy fighting for the consolidation of his power in the steppe, the heirs of the Ak-Orda Khans provided a strong power in the south of Kazakhstan. Many disgruntled by Abulkhair leaders of clans and tribes flocked with their lieges to them.

Abulkhair khan
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