Chocolate industry consumer behaviour

Geographically Hershey wants to be present everywhere in the world. With different chocolate recipes like the fiery ginger, cool mint or the experimental chilli, there is a flavor for every mood.

There are many works available which have been done to analyze the behavior of consumers towards a particular brand or product.

THE TREND As earlier concluded Chocolate has become the most popular food types and flavors in the world and one of the most popular recipe and taste across all age groups and social classes; different collections of chocolate in different sizes and shapes have become one of the major gifts defining our celebrations and festivities: Hershey is still manufacturing delicious chocolates in approximately 90 countries Hershey, n.

This food originated in Mexico, Central and Northern South America and dates back to around BC when the Aztecs made it into a beverage known as Nahuati or "bitter water" in English.

It is perception of the consumers which makes a company different from its competitors. The thorntons online sale platform Thorntons direct has so far been a success, as it has continued to grow in its internet traffic flow and incessantly increasing online sale.

However, the subsector that has seen the most drastic growth in is the boxed chocolates and sharing bags.

Consumers are sensitive towards many factors of chocolates like shape of the chocolate, its consistency in the mouth, touch, its melting etc.

While children fancy sweeter chocolate, concerned parents will seek for chocolate with added health value. These put together has made Thorntons a premium brand and a house hold name in the UK chocolate industry.

CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR essay on: Marketing strategies – Hershey chocolate company

Use of popular and acceptable culture, including bands and TV shows, in marketing campaigns should increase, as will viral marketing and social media communication, as young people widen their channels.

Ace chocolate-makers such as Godiva are reconsidering their tactics to get a bite of this profitable market, by introducing smaller bar formats. Perception is another most important influencing factor for chocolates. Thorntons has been making delicious chocolates for a hundred years.

To determine how packaging of chocolate attracts to different market segments. Since the company is more than years old and has done many social things as well as manufactured some very delicious chocolates, it has made a good perception about its chocolates into the mind of the consumers.

Consumers on the other hand use the internet not only to purchase products online, but also to compare prices, product attributes and after sales facilities they could receive if they buy products from a particular store.

Hershey targets those individuals whose monthly household income is less than or equal to AED The result of this process determines if there should be a re- assessment or a call for more of such item the next time.The objective of this research is to gain insight in the consumer behavior related to chocolate consumption.

This project will try to study existing literature and secondary data and investigate links between consumer behavior theories and the existing data.

Objective The objective of this study is to make generalization of consumers buying behavior towards the purchase of chocolates and then to measure the extent of brand loyalty. Puratos’ chocolate experts. What consumers mi-centre.comer behaviour In chocolate industry As consumers.

Keywords: Chocolate, Consumer Behavior, Consumption ISSN: September| Page | 1 International Journal of Business and Management Tomorrow Vol. 2 No.

Consumer Behavior in Chocolate Markets Essay

9 1. Chocolate Industry Consumer Behaviour. this report is to analyse and discuss how 2 consumer behaviour theories are applied in the Chinese chocolate market as well as how it differs from the Australian market. This paper discuss the chocolate industry of the most populous country of the world based on Market Segmentation and Maslow’s.

chocolate behavior and that influence your chocolate selection. ished piece will appear to the consumer. The first consideration is the chocolate application.

Is it for hollow or solid mold- Chocolate Behavior— What Influences Your Selection? Marlene B.

Statistics & Facts on Chocolate Consumption and Industry

. CHOCOLATE INDUSTRY ± ³CONSUMER BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS´ y What is Consumer Behavior ± What consumers buy, where they buy, how and how much they buy, when they buy and why they buy. In short we can say that consumer behavior means to find out answers of what, where, how, how much, when and why - the consumers buy.1/5(1).

Chocolate industry consumer behaviour
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