Citing google earth research paper

We cannot provide contact information, but may we recommend a Google search. Consumer goods No This includes retail products or retail product packaging for example, t-shirts, beach towels, shower curtains, mugs, posters, stationery, etc.

Images in Earth Pro can be exported up to 4, pixels wide. Place a period after the title. Do I need to add additional attribution information on-screen? Note that Google logos cannot be used in-line for example, "These maps from [Google logo].

You may customize the style and placement of the attribution text, as long as the text is legible to the average viewer or reader. You may use a handful of these images in a news article or on a blog, as long as you follow our attribution rules.

The automatically generated Google logo and data provider attribution may only be removed or obstructed if reintroduced in a visible form elsewhere within the content for example, in a photo caption below a Google Earth still.

Note that we cannot provide high-resolution or vector screen captures of Google Maps; however, you may use Google Earth Pro on desktop to save and print high-resolution JPEGs of satellite imagery.

Attribution Guidelines

Whether cited in a bibliography or using endnotes or footnotes, referencing Google Maps in college research papers takes a degree of care as the reader must be able to access the same screen that you saw when doing your research. Examples of prohibited use cases include: Periodicals This includes newspapers, magazines, and journals.

See above for how to find the names of our data provider slisted in-product. If you simply need to embed a classic Google map or Street View panorama on your website, learn how to easily do so here. Print advertisements No See the advertisements section for more guidance on digital and TV uses.

For example, the map of Nags Head, North Carolina would look like http: You may only use approved versions of our marks. We will not approve requests to move the attribution to end credits or to fade out after a few seconds.

What does the attribution text need to say? All uses of Google Maps and Google Earth content must provide attribution to both Google and our data providers. Requests for exceptions will not be answered or granted.

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These restrictions apply to academic and commercial projects. Embeddable maps We have multiple APIs available to help you build and embed custom maps, including Street View, within your website or application.

Please see the "Personalizing your map" section for specifics. Step 2 Start the citation with the title of the map. Place a period at the end to finish your citation. Education crisis essay michigan state application essay list.

Where can I find the attribution information? For example, you may not use our marks: Please note that in order to use Google Maps and Google Earth imagery in film or on television, you must apply for our free broadcast license. Always double-space after periods.

Step 5 Notate who accessed Google Maps.Google Maps is a useful online tool that can be used for research purposes. Whether cited in a bibliography or using endnotes or footnotes, referencing Google Maps in college research papers takes a degree of care as the reader must be able to access the same screen that you saw when doing your research.

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Dec 02,  · How to cite google earth? If you are publishing formal research, the publication to which you are submitting may have a preferred style manual.

If I were citing a published KMZ file, I would cite the author, date of publication, URL, and name of. Dec 13,  · the answer above is correct, however, since google is a search engine, you technically don't need to cite it because you only need to cite the place that you got the information, and google earth is not a Resolved.

Thanks for considering creative applications of Google Maps, Google Earth, and Street View. These guidelines are for non-commercial use, except for the limited use cases described below. If you want to use Google Maps, Google Earth, or Street View for other commercial purposes – meaning “for sale or revenue-generating purposes” – please.

Earth Science Research (ESR) is an international, double-blind peer-reviewed, open-access journal. ESR is published by the Canadian Center of Science and Education in both print and online versions. ESR is striving to provide the best platform for researchers and scholars worldwide to exchange their latest findings.

Create an in-text citation that refers to a complete citation in an alphabetized reference list at the end of the work. MLA uses author/page (Jones 3) and APA uses author/date (Jones, ) citations. For more examples and variations see the general citation guides.

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Citing google earth research paper
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