Economic analysis of bangladesh

The National Development Plan NDP for the tax year should effectively lead to the implementation of almost 90 new projects in the transport, water supply, and education sectors, as well as several projects that are currently being finalised.

The pace of demand on the domestic market will continue to sustain both the local industrial and services networks. Export growth is not expected to offset the rise in imports, resulting in a widening trade balance. Under the National Development Plan, expenditure will be allocated to strengthening trade policies, to recapitalising the publicly-owned banks, and to ongoing investments in infrastructure — such as the Rooppur nuclear plant and the Padma railway project.

The current account balance will continue to deteriorate but the deficit will remain low. Household demand is expected to increase, despite higher inflation and lower agricultural incomes.

Income from both VAT, introduced inand import taxes will benefit from strong consumption. This is because, despite expected oil price stability inthe import bill is likely to rise significantly due to increased imports of capital goods and foodstuffs.

However, the sector could be hit by stronger protectionist barriers on the US market, the leading ready-to-wear trade destination, and by consumer slowdown within the UK market.


The agricultural sector, which employs half the workforce, is likely to stall due to an expected fall in rice production during Exports will remain vigorous, bolstered by dynamism in the ready-to-wear sector. The situation has since stabilised, but there are fears of renewed tensions in the run-up to the parliamentary elections scheduled for early Although it boycotted the parliamentary elections, the BNP is expected to mobilise massively in so as not to be marginalised politically.

The slight downturn in activity is likely to limit the increase in government income expected by the authorities, who are expecting higher revenues from mandatory deductions. Public investment will also boost growth, while private investment especially foreign investment will continue to be hit by an unconducive business climate and a tense political climate.

The public debt burden will remain moderate.

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These will be offset by more stable remittances from expatriate workers, who will benefit from recovery in the Gulf Cooperation Council GCC States, as well as from increased credit.

Following the victory of the Awami League in the parliamentary elections, the country experienced waves of violent protests and major blockades. At the same time, competition from other low-cost production sites is rising. The budget foresees a significant rise in public spending, and especially investment spending, which is set to rise by 1.

Activity is expected to dip slightly inbut should become more robust. The flow of remittances from expatriate workers should stabilise after contracting in down from 8.Provides information on development assistance to Bangladesh, economic data and analysis, the latest news and publications, and regional initiatives.

Despite a stable political system, Bangladesh is still vulnerable to spikes in tension between the Awami League, the ruling conservative Muslim party, and the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP). Following the victory of the Awami League in the parliamentary elections, the country experienced waves of violent protests and major.

The objective of the meetings was to explain the graduation process, the criteria for graduation, as well as a detailed review of the data used in the analysis of Bangladesh’s LDC status.

Read more. An economic analysis of the Bangladeshi economy. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, and sluggish execution of economic reforms, Bangladesh has made a slight headway recovering the climate for international investors and liberalizing the capital market For example, it has negotiated with international companies for oil and.

Access the latest politics analysis and economic growth summary through for Bangladesh from The Economist Intelligence Unit. Apr 09,  · THIS DOCUMENT FOCUSES ON ECONOMIC ANALYSIS OF BANGLADESH by bgaalib in Types > School Work and introduction to business project.

Economic analysis of bangladesh
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