Equality and diversity case studies uk

All workshops are bespoke to your business. They should not be relied upon as a statement of the law, or of DWP policy.

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We had an employee who had been absent long term. Alternatively, the facilitators delivering these activities can choose to use something of their own alongside these activities. It then goes on to look at the quality processes of inspection and self-assessment before looking in detail at embedding equality and diversity in teaching and learning and learning support.

It was all very helpful but for me the most helpful part was thinking about the case studies on what actions a firm has taken and explore where these fit in to our own organisation.

Case study three A trainee has approached you with a request not to have to deal with a particular patient because they feel she is treating them in a racist manner. They recognised the need to treat others with respect regardless of their sexuality, so while they felt it was not acceptable to be a lesbian they nevertheless wanted to maintain a positive relationship with their colleague.

The student has previously demonstrated no performance concerns. Feedback from Equality and Diversity training workshops: The award recognises the department as a workplace where women can thrive. All offer the participants powerful insights into the key equality and diversity issues surrounding gender.

Gender equality in the workplace: case studies

Is this response acceptable? She returned to work last week but is overwhelmed. I know how to handle situations with more confidence.

Equality and diversity

Case study two You have observed that a Muslim trainee never has any eye contact with female colleagues or patients when he is talking to them. Suggestions of possible approaches are provided.

Caroline has offered to undertake an annual review as required to ensure continued compliance with current legislation and best practice. Equality policy issues in welfare benefits These three case studies are short discussions of equality issues in welfare benefits that can affect individual clients.

Her professional knowledge and experience were invaluable. We are required to consider all individuals in their day to day work, in shaping policy and in providing services.

We are so delighted with our very comprehensive handbooks for our staff and our volunteers.


What issues should you consider in your response?Sep 06,  · Or click through to our case studies on Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Mexico, and Turkey.

appointments Civil service Diversity Employment Europe Gender Gender Diversity gender equality gender parity Global trends leadership Policy & Governance Public services UK United Kingdom. The School of Museum Studies at the University of Leicester shares its progress on increasing the representation and experience of BME students on its postraduate courses (as part of Advance HE’s Increasing Diversity project).

Using equality information to reduce non-attendance at the Diabetic Eye Screening Programme - Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust. This case study illustrates the benefits of collecting and using equality information to identify the needs of people with particular protected characteristics and to measure progress in responding to those.

Think, Act, Report is a voluntary initiative to help improve gender equality in the workforce.

Equality Case Studies

There are hundreds of companies and thousands of employees already signed up.

Case Studies

The diversity and inclusion strategy sets out our ambitions for equality and diversity between andboth in relation to staff and in providing services to the public. The Equality and Human Rights Commission funded the case brought by a female officer against the Royal Air Force in which she claimed she was removed from her job and had her promotion prospects delayed because she was pregnant.

Equality and diversity case studies uk
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