Palm print recognition

To understand this recognition concept, one must first understand the physiology of the ridges and valleys of a fingerprint or palm. For texture-based approaches, wavelet transform, discrete cosine transform, local binary pattern LBPand other statistical methods were used for texture feature extraction.

However, for palmprint recognition, gradient exploited in HOG is not a good tool to detect the line responses and orientation of pixels because different palm lines have different widths and there are complicated intersections between lines. However, their sensitivity to translation and rotation variances has not been solved.

Mostly used for web. Most commonly, the image is divided up into a rectangular grid of pixels, so that each pixel is itself a small rectangle.

Such an image may contain up to 16 million different colours. Usually they take on only integer values.

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For a pixel p with the coordinates x,y the set of pixels given by: The formation remains unchanged from that time on throughout life except for size. When recorded, a fingerprint or palm print appears as a series of dark lines and represents the high, peaking portion of the friction ridged skin while the valley between these ridges appears as a white space and is the low, shallow portion of the friction ridged skin.

Because fingerprints and palms have both uniqueness and permanence, they have been used for over a century as a trusted form of identification. This information combines ridge flow, ridge characteristics, and ridge structure of the raised portion of the epidermis.

Processing using minutiae-based techniques may also be time consuming because of the time associated with minutiae extraction.

However, if the area of each pixel is very small, then the discrete nature of the image is often not visible to the human eye. It is assumed that the whole pixel is the same color, and so any color variation that did exist within the area of the pixel before the image was discretized is lost.

Palm print covers wider area than fingerprint and it contains abundance of useful information for recognition. This method is similar to that of edge orientation histograms, scale-invariant feature transform descriptors, and shape contexts, but differs in that it is computed on a dense grid of uniformly spaced cells and uses overlapping local contrast normalization for improved accuracy.

Palm print

The amount of data currently available for test purposes has hindered the ability for not only the federal government but also the vendors in efficiently testing and benchmarking commercial palm systems.

For a grayscale image, V might be any range of graylevels, e. Searching only this region of a palm repository rather than the entire database maximizes the reliability of a latent palm search.

A pixel p is connected to a pixel q if p is 4-connected to q or if p is 4-connected to a third pixel which itself is connected to q. This information includes the flow of the friction ridges Level 1 Detailthe presence or absence of features along the individual friction ridge paths and their sequences Level 2 Detailand the intricate detail of a single ridge Level 3 detail.

RGB The RGB color model is an additive color model in which red, green, and blue light are added together in various ways to reproduce a broad array of colors. They portray spatial information that we can recognize as objects. Other pixel shapes and formations can be used, most notably the hexagonal grid, in which each pixel is a small hexagon.

We may consider this image as being a two dimensional function, where the function values give the brightness of the image at any given point. A set of pixels in an image which are all connected to each other is called a connected component.

palm print recognition

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The data represented by these friction ridge impressions allows a determination that corresponding areas of friction ridge impressions either originated from the same source or could not have been made by the same source.

We shall be concerned with digital image processing, which involves using a computer to change the nature of a digital image. Some palm recognition systems scan the entire palm, while others require the palms to be segmented into smaller areas to optimize performance.

After death, decomposition of the skin is last to occur in the area of the palm print.

We proposed the directional representation DR of palmprint. If this approach is used then it is usually necessary to set up a colormap which relates particular ranges of pixel values to particular displayed colors.

In addition, palm print system does not require very high resolution capturing device as the principal lines and wrinkles can be observed under low-resolution images.

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The pixels surrounding a given pixel constitute its neighborhood.Palmprint recognition uses the person’s palm as a bio-metric for identifying or verifying person’s identity.

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Palmprint patterns are a very reliable biometric and require minimum cooperation from the user for extraction. This free Information Technology essay on Palm print biometric recognition is perfect for Information Technology students to use as an example.

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Palmprint is based on ridges, principal lines and wrinkles on the surface of the palm Ridges: When you look closely to you palm and fingers, you will notice that the skin is not smooth, but has some sort of a pattern. PalmPrint-Recognition-System.

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Explainer: Palm print recognition

Palm print recognition inherently implements many of the same matching characteristics that have allowed fingerprint recognition to be one of the most well-known and best publicized biometrics.

Palm print recognition
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