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Some of its feats are very interesting. If you see a group of monkeys casually walking around in a grassland environment like those shown on the rightyou can be sure that they are from the Old World. It carries away certain things. A man has no tail and ahs two feet and two hands. There is a special kind of monkeys.

Patas monkeys in an African grassland environment In addition to these differences, New World monkeys are almost exclusively arboreal and most of them are smaller than Old World monkey species.

The monkey is a clever beast. Beginning at the front, each quadrant of the mouth has 2 incisors, 1 canine, and varying numbers of premolars and molars. In contrast, the catarrhine nose on the right below has more downward projecting nostrils separated by a small septum.

Their faces are black. In contrast, all of the catarrhines have 2 premolars and 3 molars, making a dental formula of 2. Sometimes they are seen on hill-tops, example, in Simla and Puri.

Many of the larger.

The chimpanzee shown below is an Old World anthropoid species and, therefore, has a catarrhine dental formula. In platyrrhine species, there are 3 premolars and 2 or 3 molars. The remaining species are apes and humans.

The pointed canines are for piercing and tearing. Sometimes it is very troublesome. They are chiefly found in tropical countries. They live in the ruins of old buildings.

That is why its habit is counted half human. A trained monkey plays very useful and pleasing tricks. They are called apes. Instead of doing well, it feels happy in doing harm.

It is only form its intelligence and half human-form that Darwin said that the origin of man is from monkeys. Monkeys vary in shape, size and color.Monkey: A Folk Novel of China essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Monkey by Wu Ch'eng-en.

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The Monkey Essay

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Pink monkey essays
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