The koran to the bible both

For example, Chapter 10, Verse 94, says, "If you are in doubt about what We have sent down to you, ask those who were reading scripture before you. Islam both allows and forbids murder and violence, depending on who is the recipient of the act. Yet it has its own troublesome passages, especially when the Gospel of John expresses such hostility to the Ioudaioi, a Greek word that usually translates as "Jews.

So no friend hath he here this Day. On the one hand the Koran says in Chapter 5, Verse 82, that Christians are "the closest in affection to the believers. Conceptually, Muslims think of the Koran as presenting in Arabic the same message that God had previously sent down earlier in the Torah, at the hands of Moses, and in the Gospel, at the hands of Jesus.

Both things happen, precisely as Joseph foretold. For example, in the most important areas of the life and being of Jesus Christ. The Koran saying one thing in one place and another thing in some other place. Sarah laughs at the idea because she is far too old to bear children.

In some cases, religions evolve to the point where the ugly texts so fade into obscurity that ordinary believers scarcely acknowledge their existence, or at least deny them the slightest authority in the modern world.

He is the author of "The Lost History of Christianity: Sometime thereafter, Pharaoh had a dream: Org This clearly shows that the Koran version is more concerned with glorifying the name of God as opposed to the bible story whose main goal is to pass out key moral lessons.

This does not mean all Muslims are terrorists; however, it is true that the Koran promotes terrorism. Sura — 12 Joseph, Yes, the Koran has been ransacked to supply texts authorizing murder, but so has the Bible If Christians or Jews want to point to violent parts of the Koran and suggest that those elements taint the whole religion, they open themselves to the obvious question: This is in stark contrast to the Bible version, which documents that the pit that Joseph was thrown in to contained no water.

Although most of the stories found in the Koran and the Old Testament part of the bible correspond in different aspects, they still have fundamental differences that make them distinct.

Biblical and Quranic narratives

Moses, Jesus and Mohammed. It that were the only contradiction between the Holy Bible and the Koran, that alone would be enough to condemn it as a fraud.

At one point the Koran says God asked Jesus, "Did you tell people to take you and your mother as two gods? Their abode is Hell, an evil refuge indeed. The foundational teaching of Judeo-Christianity is identical to the foundational teaching of Judaism; Love God, Love your fellowman, and Love yourself Matthew The latter is a report of a saying or an action of Mohammed, or a fact about him.

A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity.Koran contradicts both the Bible and secular history - proving the Koran is not the word of God. Crucifixion - The Koran indicates that crucifixion was used by Pharoah (Sura ), though history reveals it was not invented until many centuries later.

A Look Inside the Koran and the Bible: PART 1. Father Sidney Griffith Compares and Contrasts the Texts For most Muslims, the Koran is considered to be the uncreated word of God, whereas for Christians the Bible, under divine inspiration, is the word of God in the words of human beings.

Father Griffith: The Koran mentions both Jesus and. In a contradictory book such as the Bible, just like the Quran, you will find messages of peace and charity as quickly as violence and rampage.

Dark passages

There’s something deeper than religion going on. Jul 28,  · Hi MCA, Basically, the Bible is composed of an abundance of narratives and other literature types that are arranged and structured as 'history,' or for those portions that seem less so, they at least imply a firm historical backdrop/setting.

Islam and the Bible - A Comparison of the Christian Scriptures with the Teachings of Muhammad, citing their own sources - the Koran and the Bible. The Bible and the Koran are both wonderful books that have been used for numerous years to guide and counsel members of the religious cultures that these two books represent.

The reason why these books are popular is that Christianity and Islam are the only two religions that command wide following in every part of the world. Although these two.

The koran to the bible both
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