The life and creativity of the artist chaim machlev

If you are looking for an unconventional design of your next body art — be sure to check this artist out! I experiment a lot, like on a daily basis—which is a bit risky when it comes to a non-reversible form of art, but I guess that is the only way to develop your own style as an artist and create something individual daily.

After two months of practicing I started to feel more and more secure with my tattoo machines and started to get my own customers. Changing skin into a canvas to make ethereal looking art is something not many can boast with.

I also think that it looks good on our bodies, more than any other color. The answer will be a surprise for me as well. The surreal amount of dedication to smallest of details makes his tattoos truly stand out. Betts is the one to go to if you want to engrave words that mean something special to you.

This unique approach creates a captivating graphic that draws the observer to track through a fluid, unravelling graphic, as if gazing into a moving picture that changes shape and colours with each part of its composition.

It is no wonder that these masters of their craft get Instagram fans for free who follow their works with revered dedication. A former project manager for an IT company, Machlev decided to start his tattooing career inafter getting his first tattoo at Psycho Tattoo Studio in Tel Aviv and knowing tattoo artist Avi Vanunu.

I actually started to make those designs because it was weird for me that people try to categorize tattoos and other art forms. Her works are instantly recognisable by their level of detail and layered intricacy.

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But as weird and minimalistic as this style is, it is like it is being asked not to be categorized into a certain conventional style or pattern.

You will surely be amazed! I could say that I have that split in my designs, just like in my personality: Just go to her profile and witness her greatness — you will easily get lost in the beauty!

It is hard for me to categorize my tattoo style as a certain style. With clients from all over the world - Australia, Africa, America, South America, and the Middle East — Machlev has rapidly positioned as one of the most coveted tattoo artists in the last three years.

I get inspiration from nature; I think that it is the most honest thing for us artists to get inspired from. What he manages to achieve with his two hands goes beyond words. I make those art-minimalistic lines—the computer kid inside me—and very detailed mandalas, the spiritual man inside me.

How do you describe your style?These designs by Berlin-based tattoo artist Chaim Machlev are further proof that tattoos can be elegant and sophisticated.

In his art, Machlev manages to find a beautiful balance between the geometric and the organic; bold, crisp lines trace up the body, influenced, it seems, by sound waves, contour maps, and mathematical patterns. Israeli artist Chaim Machlev (b. ) works in Berlin as a tattoo artist, under the professional moniker Dots to Lines.

Machlev left Israel after living there until age 30 because he wanted to dedicate his life to the art of tattooing and realized that, in Israel, he couldn't train in the way he desired. Tattoos are changing many lives, from clients to artists.

Spotlight: From Dots to Lines - Tattoos by Chaim Machlev

Chaim Machlev discovered tattoo art when deciding to get his first tattoo. Chaim - "I found the procedure highly spiritual and life changing", the man behind DotsToLines, was a project manager in an IT company of Tel Aviv, his hometown.

6 Tattoo Artists to Follow on Instagram. May 26, | Instagram Art. Twitter. Google+. Pinterest. Chaim Machlev.

that he can make just about any type of form on the skin and turn it into a gorgeous canvas brimming with colours and life.

And you would be right. This artist definitely brings something new and fresh. We could go on and. Chaim thinks of his first tattoo process as a life-changing experience that contributed to the definite unleash of his creativity.

Because of it, today, he is the author of extraordinary body-art designs and one of the most trending tattooist of the moment. year-old tattoo artist Chaim Machlev started tattooing just 4 years ago. In what can only be described as a calling, Chaim left his life in Tel Aviv for Berlin to satisfy his yearning to create art with a needle and ink.

A few short years later, his designs have become works of art; enjoyed by millions and suitable for any museum of modern art.

The life and creativity of the artist chaim machlev
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