The odyssey movie vs. book essays

It also doesn t seem that Anticlea thinks highly of Penelope, for when she mentions her it seems she speaks with a rather mocking, childish tone, when she talks about his wife being sought after by suitors while Odysseus is gone.

However, there are several smaller differences in his character portrayal in different retellings. From closely having read both versions and watching the film, I was able to gain a great understanding for the characters; probably a greater understanding than I would ve acquired from just reading one translation or having just seen the movie.

An extremely dedicated fan They are mostly different, not much alike because of their attitudes towards their husbands Penelope changes through out the book, a woman who is afraid to over power, but begins to feel her power strengthening once Odysseus comes back from his 20 year journey.

: Since there have been so many retellings of The Odyssey, its almost impossible to tell which description comes closest to that of Homer s original; but in the end I find that it is up to the reader to decide what they personally view each character as being, regardless to as how they are described by the author.

However, it seems that his presence isn t as acknowledged as it is in Evslin s version, where all the ghosts seem to make way for him, although it is clear that in this version he is also highly respected among the dead. He seems to speak with a great deal of dignity, and deems himself superior above others.

Penelope and Penny are woman connected to Odysseus and Everett. Essay, Research Paper It seems strange to realize that in the Two men were unheard of for years.

Odysseus lack of emotion may portray him to be rather uncaring, although he does treat the ghosts with whom he talks with respect, since he is just a guest in the Kingdom of Dead. On the contrary, the film makes him look frightening, seeing as Odysseus himself seems rather scared when he is speaking with him.

A Space Odyssey She wants to marry a man similar to Odysseus. He somewhat feels he can tell Odysseus what to do and has authority over him, since he orders him to go back to the ship and not be allowed to see Tantalus or Sisyphus, although Odysseus wanted to. For example, quite a few of the dead that Odysseus speaks to question him about their relatives who are still alive and what his going on with those who are still alive.

Anticlea also seems quite casual in the meeting of her son.

When night falls and the world lies lost in sleep, I take to my bed, my heart throbbing about to break anxieties swarming, piercing. Penelope believed the nurse but at the same time was unsure.

In this version, he has a much more seemingly realistic meeting with his mother. Penny even got engaged with a suitor. In Evslin s translation, again, like with Odysseusfrom Anticlea s role in this chapter the reader can t grasp that great of an understanding for her character.

When Everett comes back he too wants to start where he left off with Penny. When Everett and Odysseus comes unexpectedly back to his old town where Penny and Penelope lives, Penny moved on without Everett, by moving on she told her children that Everett their father that he got hit by a train.

Sooner Penny forgave him and they got engaged. I believe this may be because the movie wants to portray Odysseus as being so much more favorable than everyone else, so it would be logical to not make Teiresias appear as grand as he seems in the other versions.

In Rouse s translation, Odysseus seems to have quite an esteemed presence in the Land of Dead.Below is an essay on "Compare and Contrast the Odyssey (Movie and Book)" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples/5(1).

Nov 24,  · the odyssey movie vs book essays A Long and Difficult Journey, or The Odyssey: Crash Course Literature -. The Odyssey – Movie vs. Epic Poem Recently I read the epic poem The Odyssey, written by a blind Greek prophet, Homer and also viewed the movie.

The three scenes read and viewed were "The Cyclops", "The Witch Circe", and "The Land of the Dead". Free Essay on Homer's Odyssey: Odyssey as Epic Poem - The Odyssey as Epic Poem For thousands of years, people have enjoyed the entertainment of epic poems. The "Odyssey" is an epic poem.

Basically, the movie Odyssey keeps many similar aspects in comparison to the epic poem by Homer that includes the setting, characters, conflicts, main events, themes, Greek mythological elements and the focusing on characters and heroism.4/4(4).

Essay on Into the Wild: Book vs. Movie Words | 4 Pages.

Into the Wild: Book vs. Movie Into the Wild happens to be my favorite book, and also one of my favorite movies. Most people like one or the other, but I think the two complement each other because of the varied stances taken on the main character himself.

The odyssey movie vs. book essays
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