The similarities in seven the bone collector and kiss the girls

Rhyme, having given up his plans to commit suicidefaces his sister and niece coming to visit him along with Amelia and his other colleagues on Christmas Eve.

‘Resurrection’: The Christopher Lambert ‘Seven’ Rip-Off You Must Watch

Ashley Judd is riveting as a kick-boxing doctor whose strong willpower can make her an appropriate inspiration and role model for young females. The nature of the crime is similar, some of the plot points are almost identical, and the setting always raining is the same. The villain is a creepy psychopath, a serial rapist and a killer who kidnaps young women and is then deluded enough to think that he can win their affection.

Marcus was often attacked or raped in the prison, and he wants Rhyme to pay for what the article put him through. He lost his love for god since his young son died in an accident. The killer then abducts a New York University student, who is taken to a derelict slaughterhousewhere he is tied to a pole.

And of all the clone films that have come and gone over the years, this is — in my opinion — the standout amongst them all. Marcus once again manages to free himself, grabbing his knife. Calling himself "Casanova," this misogynistic serial murderer is alluring, charming Even the family priest shows up played by director David Cronenberg.

Rubin, too late, at a steam junction in a below-ground services area of a building in the Financial District, secured using old antique handcuffs or shackles at the mouth of a pipe which emits steam.

He soon discovers that the missing women have all been kidnapped by a man who calls himself Casanova and one of his captives has been killed and left in a forest tied up to a tree.

Jack Cross Morgan Freeman is an insightful psychologist working for the police department. Brad Mirman wrote another Lambert nail biter: Marcus spent six years in prison, and after getting released, he spent two years trying to find Rhyme.

Sign in to vote. Rhyme and Amelia are implied to have a relationship. The lighting in this film is also dead on. Kate McTiernan is a feisty person whose pastimes include kick-boxing. Shortly after, she manages to make her escape when she bravely jumps from a very high cliff and has to be rescued from the river below before having to spend some time recuperating in hospital.

Amelia is able to collect the evidence, including another scrap of paper. About 8 years ago, Rhyme wrote an article accusing Marcus of planting evidence and sending six innocent people to prison, and one of those people hanged himself.

Barbara Tyson Sara holds her own and gives the dramatic scenes between her and Lambert that extra kick. The viewer must always eavesdrop when the leads interact with each other on screen These clues, and some asbestos left by the killer at the scene of Mrs. Rhyme was paralyzed from the neck down in an earlier accident and is bed-bound and completely reliant on machines and his nurse Thelma.

Amelia finds another scrap of paper at the scene. To reveal more of the plot would be to spoil it for anyone keen enough to seek the film out, but suffice to say that for all of its obvious similarities to Seven, the film survives such criticisms by being a well made, creative and highly stylish chiller that holds its own very well.

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Was this review helpful? To watch Resurrection with the distance of time separating it from Seven is to appreciate its artistic merits a whole lot more.

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At the time he made Resurrection the Hollywood landscape was being paved with macabre serial killer films and audiences were lapping them up. The story is fascinating and morbid, the characters are sympathetic and well developed and the action is non-stop.

Another police detective Cary Elwes is also chasing after the kidnapper. ChoiBaby 28 January A devilish maniac is on the loose, kidnapping beautiful women left and right.

The script is tight if not a tad overblown. Part of his thigh bone is surgically removed, and he is left for rats to feed on.Praise for The Bone Collector He has been nominated for seven Edgar Awards from the Mystery Writers of America and is a three-time recipient of the Ellery Queen Readers Award for Best Short Story of the Year.

The Steel Kiss (A Lincoln Rhyme Novel) Jeffery Deaver. out of 5 stars Mass Market Paperback. $/5(). Also with some imagination the plots and approaches of both movies show some similarities.

But unfortunately "Kiss the Girls" is nowhere in the same league as "Se7en" but fans of the genre will still find plenty to enjoy in this movie. If you liked BONE COLLECTOR or just a fan of chilling, action mysteries; this will not disappoint you. Titles like Kiss The Girls, Copycat and The Bone Collector were cashing in on the reputation of Seven, and Resurrection weighed in for a piece of the action.

Having said that, there is a sense of sincerity about the film and I get the impression that Mulcahy and co were making a genuine attempt to create a compelling movie that would overcome.

Jun 05,  · Help!!! Other movies like "Se7en"? I just finished watching Se7en, which is now one of my all time favorite movies. *The Bone Collector () Denzel Washington, Angelina Jolie *Copycat () Sigourney Weaver, Harry Conick Jnr, Holly Hunter and 8mm are all from the same writer of Se7en Andrew Kevin Walker so Status: Resolved.

There are plenty of movies similar - Silence of the Lambs, Manhunter, The Bone Collector, Kiss the Girls, Red Dragon, Copycat, Hannibal, Taking Lives, Untraceable, Mr.

Brooks, Murder by Numbers, Primal Fear - and those are just ones I. The Bone Collector is a horror psychological thriller film starring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie, directed by Phillip Noyce and produced by Martin Bregman.

The movie was based on the crime novel of the same name written by Jeffery Deaver, concerning the quadriplegic detective Lincoln Rhyme.

It was the first book of the .

The similarities in seven the bone collector and kiss the girls
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